Watch S-Town’s Tyler Goodson give his first TV interview

"Sometimes I regret ever speaking into that microphone..."

S-Town‘s Tyler Goodson has given his first TV interview.

Goodson, a close friend of the podcast’s central character John B. McLemore, said the global interest in S-Town since it debuted last month has had a negative impact on his life.

“It’s caused a lot of stress in my life, and my life’s been pretty stressful as it is,” he told WVTM News. “And it hasn’t helped much. Sometimes I regret ever speaking into that microphone because I was probably upset or wasn’t thinking clearly”.

Asked if the podcast offers an accurate portrayal of Woodstock, Alabama, he replied: “For the most part. I mean, there’s a lot of accurate stuff in the podcast. Some of it was inaccurate – you know, everybody’s part really. But there’s a lot of stuff that goes on round here that really needs to come to light.”

Asked if he would call Woodstock “Shit-town”, he said: “Yep. That’s how I pronounce this town.”

“It has become that – and all the corrupt crookedness of Bibb County in general,” he continued. “Which I’m sure is happening all the world – but hell, one shit town ain’t no better than the next.”

Watch the full interview below.