“Culture moves the whole world”: Watch Jay-Z give Stormzy advice about his Glastonbury headline set

Boss moves!

Before Stormzy came out on stage to kick off his headline performance at Glastonbury he played a video to the crowd of he and Jay-Z having a conversation.

Stormzy took to the Pyramid Stage tonight (June 28) as the first British rapper to ever headline the festival. Earlier today he tweeted that he was “overwhelmed with emotions” about being the first black British artist to top the bill.

He wrote: “I am the first black British artist to headline Glastonbury. At 25 years old I am the second youngest solo act to ever headline Glastonbury, the youngest being a 24 year old David Bowie in 1971. I’m overwhelmed with emotions, this is the most surreal feeling I’ve ever experienced.”


Before starting his explosive set, Stormzy played a video on the Pyramid stage’s big screens. In it, the current king of grime could be seen having a conversation with Jay-Z about culture. Telling Stormzy it was his time, Jay could be heard saying: “It’s important for you to take that and say, ‘Okay, how can I create a culture around this whole thing?’ Because culture moves the whole world.”

Watch the video below:

Ahead of his Glastonbury performance, Stormzy had hit back at doubters over his ability to headline the festival. He told BBC Radio 1 Xtra: “There were so many doubters being like, ‘Oh, he hasn’t had a No 1 song’, or, ‘Oh, he’s got one album out, he’s not ready.’ I’m there because I’m a serious musician.”

The single is produced by MJ Cole and Jimmy Napes, who co-wrote the track with Stormzy, and it includes vocals by the UK-based choir LJ Singers.