Watch Jennifer Lawrence tackle her darkest role yet in the terrifying trailer for ‘Mother!’

"Seeing is believing"

The first trailer for Mother! has been released, and it sees Jennifer Lawrence tackling her darkest role to date.

The psychological thriller, which is directed by Black Swan helmer Darren Aronofsky, sees Javier Bardem and Lawrence starring as a couple whose peaceful existence is threatened when a mysterious duo, played by Ed Harris & Michelle Pfeiffer, arrive at their remote home.

In the trailer, Lawrence’s character appears to slowly lose her mind as the suspense stakes are gradually increased, while the mysterious pair played by Harris and Pfeiffer appear to be at the centre of the chaos.


One particularly chilling moment sees a lightbulb filling with blood before it smashes, plunging the room into terrifying darkness. Another moment sees the cryptic message ‘seeing is believing’ slowly appear on the screen.

Little else is known about the film, but it has already been tipped as an early Oscar contender for 2018.

Earlier this year, Aronofsky also shared the first gruesome poster for the film. The striking piece – designed by James Jean – is extremely gory, with Jennifer Lawrence’s heart ripped from her chest as she appears to offer the bloodied organ as a macabre welcoming gift.

Mother! will debut later this month with a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, before arriving in UK cinemas on September 15.

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