Watch the first trailer for Netflix documentary about disastrous ‘luxury’ Fyre Festival

"The greatest party that never happened"

Netflix has released the first trailer for new documentary ‘FYRE’ about the infamous 2017 music festival.

Advertised as a ‘luxury’ music event featuring first-class accommodation, Fyre Festival soon descended into a dystopian farce.

The trailer begins with snippets of models and Instagram “influencers” promoting the Bahamas festival, then swiftly cuts to chaotic footage posted to social media by people who paid between $4,000 and $12,000 for tickets. Watch the trailer below.


Eventually, the festival was cancelled, and attendees were returned home. As a result, the company behind it was later forced into bankruptcy.

Blink-182 had been booked to headline the festival alongside Major Lazer, Disclosure and Skepta.

However, Blink pulled out after realising they were unable to give the “quality of performances” fans are used to. It has since emerged that disgraced promoter Billy McFarlane, 26, spent over $150,000 of his budget on a yacht for the band, according to newly obtained files.

Celebrity investors including Kendall Jenner and Ja Rule. The rapper posted an apology to Twitter at the time, writing: “We are working right now on getting everyone [off] the island SAFE… I wanted this to be an amazing event it was NOT A SCAM… I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT”.


McFarland was recently sentenced to six years in prison on multiple counts of fraud, including for the failed festival in the Bahamas last year.

The legal fall-out of Fyre festival doesn’t end there, two attendees were awarded $5million in damages.

‘FYRE’ will be available on Netflix from January 18.

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