Watch the ‘Moonlight’ cast react as they realise their film won Best Picture

Their shocked and delighted reactions weren't broadcast on TV at the time.

Video footage of the cast and crew of Moonlight reacting to the film’s surprise Best Picture victory has emerged after last night’s Oscars.

An embarrassing mix-up saw Warren Beaty and Faye Dunaway, who were announcing the winner, being given the wrong envelope, one containing the winner of the previous category (Emma Stone, Best Actress for La La Land). Halfway through La La Land‘s acceptance speech, it was announced that Moonlight had actually won, sending viewers online into a frenzy.

Footage that wasn’t broadcast as part of the main live Oscars broadcast at the time shows the Moonlight crew’s shocked and delighted reactions – watch below.


“After a little uncertainty, we got there,” Moonlight actress Naomie Harris told Sky News afterwards. “I am disappointed, to be honest, I really am. Because it just meant that we didn’t really have our moment, [and] our producers didn’t have time to give their speeches. That’s a real shame.”

Meanwhile, Emma Stone has responded to the confusion and accusations around ‘La La Land mistakenly being named as Best Picture over ‘Moonlight‘ at the Oscars 2017.

“I was holding the best actress card the entire time,” she said. “I had that card. I’m not looking to start anything. I don’t know what happened (with them), but I wanted to tell all of you first.”

Stone added: “I think everyone is in a state of confusion, but everyone is excited for Moonlight,” calling the event “a strange happening for Oscar history.”


La La Land won six awards on the night. Best Production Design was La La Land‘s first award of the evening. It later won Best Score, Best Original Song and Best Cinematography. It also triumphed in some of the major categories: La La Land director Damien Chazelle became the youngest filmmaker to win Best Director, while Emma Stone won Best Actress.