Watch the original Pokémon theme singer perform the song in 2016

Jason Paige reacts to the success of Pokémon Go

The man who sang the original theme for the Pokémon TV series has given it another go, performing the song in a new video.

Following the enormous success of Pokémon Go, Jason Paige – who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Aerosmith and Meat Loaf – has uploaded a video of him performing the song in the studio.

As fans have noted, it is not clear whether Paige is lip-syncing or recreating his original vocal parts. Watch for yourself beneath. Paige has uploaded the full theme and the shortened TV theme.

Paige recently told Spin that he has “seen people running down the street” playing Pokémon Go and while he hasn’t played it himself yet, he intents to “download it and check it out”.

Pokémon Go’s astonishing success has been highlighted after it recently became the most successful mobile game in US history. That was after new statistics suggested that in the US, Pokémon Go has become as popular as Twitter and more popular than Tinder.

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