Watch ‘The Room’s Tommy Wiseau’s creepy as hell audition for the Joker

He's made no secret of the fact he wants the role.

Tommy Wiseau has recorded an audition tape for the role of DC Universe villain, the Joker.

Wiseau is best known for his 2003 cult classic film ‘The Room’ (which was dubbed the best worst film of all time’) and for inspiring James Franco’s recent ‘The Disaster Artist‘.

He’s made no secret of the fact he wants to play the Joker in the upcoming standalone origin movie, and has even tweeted director Todd Phillips about it.


Nerdist managed to convince the actor to screen an audition for the role, which you can watch below.

The creepy audition tape sees Wiseau in full Joker garb, uttering some of the character’s most famous lines, with ‘The Room’ co-star, Greg Sestero appearing in (sort of) costume as Batman.

Wiseau recently starred in The Neighbourhood‘s new video for ‘Scary Love’, a track taken from their self-titled third album, which was released last week (March 9).

The clip sees the actor embroiled in a shoot-out in a late-night diner with a evil cyborg waitress.


Meanwhile, Wiseau reunited with Greg Sestero on recent film, ‘Best F(r)iends’, a thriller set in Los Angeles.

Sestero wrote and produced the film, which was directed by Justin MacGregor. Wiseau plays the character of mortician Harvey Lewis, and Sestero is “drifter” Jon Kortina.

The film is based on a road trip Sestero and Wiseau took together in April 2003.

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