Watch Tom Hardy in the action-packed, gruesome new trailer for ‘Venom’

The epic trailer shows Tom Hardy taken over by his nightmarish Venom alter-ego

The new Venom trailer starring Tom Hardy has finally dropped – and it’s epic.

It’s the first time audiences have seen Hardy’s alter-ego in any extended detail. Up to now, there have only been short clips and teasers – such as those revealed at San Diego’s Comic-Con earlier this month.

The film, which is a Spider-Man spin-off, will star Hardy play freelance photographer Eddie Brock (who becomes the titular Venom), Riz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake and Michelle Williams as Anne Weying. 

The gore-filled trailer reveals Hardy’s symbiote to be a nightmarish beast who causes uncontrollable carnage far and wide.

We see Hardy as half-man, half-symbiote in one scene that focusses on his gruesome, uncontrollable transformation into the big-teethed villain.

We also see him devouring various victims, taking on a group of armed police and struggling to escape his symbiote. In one clip, Hardy’s character threatens to crush a man until he looks “like a legless, faceless turd.” 

Last month at San Diego’s Comic-Con, Hardy along with director Ruben Fleischer also shared more details about the film’s content and what to expect.

The director revealed there would be “no heroes” in the upcoming upcoming Marvel movie; he also told fans to expect a “much grittier, grounded, complicated character” in Brock.

Fleischer said he and Sony had been “planning a huge world with this Venom story” and said he hoped to “explore all of the beloved characters from the universe” through this story.

Fleischer also said that he would love to see Spider-Man and Venom in a movie together, even though there are no plans for this at present.

“I can speak for myself when I say I would be really excited to go see that film, so I have to see the studio is thinking the same way, and at some point down the road they are going to run across each other’s paths.”

Asked how he felt about a battle with Spider-Man, Hardy said that he would relish the opportunity.

“I’ll have a go, yeah,” Hardy smiled, before adding: “he’s an awesome actor and I’d love to work with him and I love Spider-Man.”

The first trailer for Venom was released back in February. Brock can be seen waking up in an MRI scanner as a voiceover from Hardy narrates the scene.

“Everyone’s got their thing,” he says. “Maybe it’s a breakup, a death, an accident – whatever it is, you used to be one thing. But now, you’re something else. We all have our own problems, our own issues, our own…demons.”

Venom will be released in cinemas on October 5, 2018.