“I’ll make it up to you soon”: Watch Tom Hiddleston’s incredibly weird Chinese vitamin advert

This is...unsettling

Tom Hiddleston has appeared in a new vitamin advert aired in China.

The actor, who most recently appeared as Loki in Avengers: Infinity War, stars in the Centrum commercial and posted it on his account on the country’s Weibo social network.

In it, he is seen making breakfast of eggs, cucumber, peppers, sweetcorn, red onions, kale, carrots, and “pepper on top” for an anonymous woman. He puts the plate down in front of her and adds, “Oh, and your Centrum” before picking up a bottle of the vitamin.


“You look great,” he says before the camera moves on to show him getting ready to leave the house. “I’ll probably be a bit busy for the next few weeks, but I’ll make it up to you soon, I promise,” he says looking straight down the lens. A woman’s hands are then seen fixing his shirt collar and he walks out of the door.

You can watch the advert below.

The Night Manager star was rumoured to be in the running to be the next Bond but, in 2017, reports came out that the film franchise’s bosses thought he was “too smug and not tough enough” to play the iconic role.

Daniel Craig is reportedly set to do one more Bond movie, with speculation rife about who will replace him. In February 2018, Hiddleston was tied with Idris Elba at odds of 6/1 to take the part, with Tom Hardy and James Norton considered safer bets.

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