Watch two clips from the ‘Doctor Who’ mid-season finale

'A Good Man Goes To War' airs tomorrow (June 4)

Doctor Who‘s mid-season finale airs tomorrow (June 4) and NME.COM has two clips.

The episode, A Good Man Goes To War concludes the first half of the current series, and after a ‘game-changing cliffhanger’, the show will go off air until the autumn.

Writer Stephen Moffat has said of the new strategy: “The only thing that was missing when Doctor Who came back this time was that there weren’t enough cliffhangers. Do you remember in the old days? The music crashing in just as The Doctor finds out… well I love that. Plus it encourages the audience to come back. So we are bringing the cliffhanger back in force.”

Last week, Amy Pond was revealed as a flesh avatar, with her real self kidnapped far away, heavily pregnant and watched over by the mysterious ‘Eye Patch Lady’ who has been cropping up throughout the series. The episode sees The Doctor and Rory assemble an army to rescue her.

The first clip sees Rory visiting River Song seeking her help. In the second, ‘Eye Patch Lady’ is named Madame Kovarian, and an old ally has a stark warning for her over the trouble she is starting.

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War, starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston airs tomorrow on BBC One at 6.40pm.