Watch two newsreaders accidentally refer to Jeremy Hunt as ‘Jeremy C**t’

"Freudian slip?"

As the country considers its future in the aftermath of the 2017 general election, Jeremy Hunt suffered at the hands of two newsreaders who accidentally called him ‘Jeremy C**t’ live on air.

The expletive mishaps came as the media reacted to Theresa May’s cabinet re-shuffle, which saw Hunt controversially re-appointed to remain as Health Secretary.

On Sky News, the sentence “it looks like Jeremy Hunt is going to be coming out with that NHS pin on his jacket,” with his surname replaced with the ‘C word’.


Meanwhile, the BBC’s Ellie Price told viewers: “Yeah, we’re waiting to hear from Jeremy c***,” before correcting herself “Jeremy Hunt indeed.”

The people of Twitter then took online to react:


Prime Minister May currently finds herself clinging to power after her snap election bid for a majority backfired and her party lost seats in Labour made surprising gains – resulting in a hung Parliament.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lead the calls from critics for May to resign, before she vowed to form a Government with the DUP – leading to widespread criticism due to their controversial views on homosexuality, abortion and climate change.

Corbyn meanwhile, has vowed to continue to fight for power, claiming that Labour are ‘ready to lead and govern’. Many are predicting that their could be another general election as soon as October.


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