Watch what happened when the Westboro Baptist Church protested the Vans Warped Tour

Religious group previously got into a spat with the Foo Fighters

Bands from the Vans Warped Tour clashed with members of the Westboro Baptist Church yesterday (July 27).

Members of the church group turned out to protest against the punk movement with banners in Kansas.

But a bunch of Warped bands including Stick To Your Guns, Creeper and I Prevail hit back by photobombing the movement’s protests by wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church.”

I Prevail’s Airick Vanlerburger also started snogging his mate right in front of the protesters. You can view the video below.

The Westboro Baptist Church previously had a run in with Foo Fighters in 2015.

Footage emerged of the group riding out to meet the protesters in the back of a pick-up truck, playing Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ on loudspeaker and holding signs reading ‘Keep It Clean’ and ‘You got Rickroll’d (again)’.

The Westboro protest group was soon dwarfed by a cheering crowd of Foo Fighters fans who surrounded the pick-up truck and clapped as the band danced inside.

In August 2011, having been made aware of the group’s presence outside one of their gigs in Kansas City, they also rode out in costume and sang ‘Keep It Clean’.

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl has addressed rumours about who the special guest on Foo Fighters’ new album is.

The frontman previously said upcoming record ‘Concrete And Goldfeatures the “biggest pop star in the world”.

Fans have been speculating who the guest could be. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Grohl ruled out two of the most popular theories.

“Neither Adele nor Taylor Swift sang on the record,” he said, while refusing to confirm exactly who it is.

Grohl did reveal that he socialised with a lot of artists who were recording at Los Angeles’ EastWest studios at the same time, including Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Shania Twain. He also asked some of those artists present to sing on the record, but, again, would not say who they were or who accepted.