Wesley Snipes reveals details of his scrapped ‘Black Panther’ movie

The film was in the works around 10 years ago

Wesley Snipes has revealed details of his shelved Black Panther movie during a new interview.

Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s sci-fi epic – based on the superhero of the same name – was released in February of last year, and is being followed up with a sequel in 2022.

Around a decade before the record-smashing film’s arrival, Blade actor Snipes had hopes of bringing his own vision of Black Panther to the big screen.


Now, he’s opened up about the project and offered an insight into how it would have differed from the 2018 version. Check out the clip below.

“I had the rights to Black Panther maybe four or five years before the Blade project came around,” Snipes told reporter Kevin McCarthey.

“When Blade came around, since we didn’t do Black Panther, our version of it, I thought, ‘Well, this would be a cool opportunity for me to do something for truly my friends. All the martial arts cats, all the cats that love Shaft, and all the cats that ever wanted to be a vampire and bite a chick on the neck.'”

Pressed on what was different about his version, Snipes replied: “At that time, we didn’t actually have the technology, but we would have done all the Vibranium. All the x-ray vision and virtual operation and the whole nine of it.

“I wanted it to be like the comic book was [with a] super city and super science.”


Snipes was speaking on the red carpet at the premiere of Netflix’s Dolemite Is My Name, which he stars in alongside Eddie Murphy.

In other news, Martin Freeman has confirmed that he’ll return as CIA Agent Everett K.Ross in Black Panther 2.