Is Faith from Valiant Comics Hollywood’s first plus-size superhero?

Bring on the story of Summer Smith...

Valiant Comic superhero Faith Herbert is reportedly due to get her own superhero movie.

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures is currently working on a live action adaptation of the comic’s ‘Faith’ storyline. The studio has apparently hired American Gods writer Maria Melnik for the project. Fast & Furious producer Neal Moritz is also said to be on board, along with Toby Jaffe.

Faith – who is also known as Zephyr – is a notable superhero choice. Hollywood’s superhero films have not previously been known for their body diversity; most protagonists in the past have been muscular or thin. Many comic book fans have observed that Faith represents the first plus-sized superhero.


Introduced by Valiant Comics in 1992, Faith was originally part of the Harbinger team. Her powers include the ability to fly, and levitating objects in her “companion field.” When she’s off-duty, she works as a journalist in Los Angeles, and goes by the name Summer Smith.

After losing her parents at a young age, Faith is raised by her grandmother, and finds comfort in sci-fi, comic books, Doctor Who, and fantasy. She soon realises she is able to become a superhero herself, and joins the Harbinger Foundation.

Sony’s latest move comes after Marvel confirmed plans to make a Ms Marvel film. Kamala Khan is Marvel’s first muslim superhero

The character was launched in the comics back in 2013 and her powers include the ability to change shape. Khan’s family is from Pakistan and while she has faced problems outside of her home, there has also been struggles with her nearest and dearest.

Sony are yet to confirm a release date for the new Faith film.