Will Foo Fighters ever make a ‘Sonic Highways’ season two?

"I still have the concept for the second season, so, someday"

Dave Grohl has confirmed that there is a “concept” for Foo Fighters‘ ‘Sonic Highways’ season two and that it will happen ‘someday’.

The first season ‘Sonic Highways’ originally premiered on HBO (and later BBC Four in the UK) in October 2014, following Dave Grohl and his band as they recorded their eighth studio album of the same name in eight different cities around America.

There has since been much hope around the band making a sequel series, and now Grohl has said that it’s still very much a possibility.


“Well, we’ve been working on it for six years now, and . . . I’m kidding,” Grohl told Rolling Stone. “That door is always open. And a lot of great things have stemmed from that series. There are now kids in schools across the country making their own Sonic Highways about the little towns where they live.

“I still have the concept for the second season, so, someday.”

Speaking to NME back in 2015, Grohl said that there was a chance that series two could take place in England.

“The great thing about the idea, the concept of the project, is that it can be anywhere because every city has some sort of musical history, but I don’t know.

“Of all places in the world England and the UK just seems like it would be shooting fish in a barrel. There’s just so fucking much here.”


Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl

The same interview also saw Grohl liken his drummer skills to those of Meg White in comparison to Neil Peart.

“Neil Peart, that’s a whole other animal, another species of drummer,” he said.

“I know the arrangements, but I’m like Meg White to Neil Peart,” he added. “And she’s one of my favorite drummers! She’s my daughter’s favorite drummer, too. My daughter plays drums to two types of music: White Stripes and AC/DC. I’m like, “That’s exactly what you need to be doing.”


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