This wireless Samsung charger, 60% off today, also works with your iPhone 8 and X

A bargain made for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone users alike

Cyber Monday is nearly over – but before it ends, owners of the iPhone 8, iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy phones should take note of this massive bargain on wireless chargers for their devices. Right now you can get a massive 60% off the Samsung wireless Qi charging station, which is compatible with the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, GS6 edge, GS6, GS6 edge+ and the Note5. Reduced from its RRP of £49.99, right now you can get it for just £19.99.

Buy now: Samsung Wireless Qi Charger/Charging Station for just £19.99

Though it’s made by Samsung, it does indeed work with 2017’s new iPhones. As Trusted Reviews explains: “In a move that’s unusual for Apple, it went with the Qi-charging standard as opposed to creating one of its own. This is great, because you can use any number of Qi chargers that are readily available and you don’t need to buy a special version from Apple.


Elsewhere in Cyber Monday’s ongoing bargains, you can still get an amazing iPhone 8 deal – just £29 per month – while Sonos are offering £25 off their critically acclaimed Play:1 speaker.

Meanwhile, on the fan-favourite end of the spectrum, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber has had its price slashed by £100, while a dancing baby Groot is currently more than 50% off.

Keep an eye on for more Cyber Monday deals as they come in.