Wu-Tang Clan are being sued for copyright infringement

Did the group rip-off this '60s soul tune?

Wu-Tang Clan are being sued for copyright infringement over their single ‘People Say’, it has been reported.

According to TMZ, the New York hip-hop group are facing legal action from a 1960s soul trio, The Diplomats.

The band has drawn similarities between “the melody, lyrics and rhythm” of the 2017 track and their 1969 release, ‘I’ve Got the Kind of Love’. Check out both songs below.


The Diplomats are said to be seeking damages and have asked the group to stop performing and selling the track.

‘People Say’ features on Wu-Tang’s latest full-length, ‘The Saga Continues’, and was produced by Mathematics.

Last year, Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA sued the dog-walking company Woof-Tang Clan for trademark infringement.

The company, based in Brooklyn, claimed to walk “the illest group of dogs in New York City”. Staff members were described as “courteous and responsible, as long as we’re in agreement that Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ is the greatest album of all time”.


Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday (March 16) that Martin Shkreli’s fabled Wu-Tang album could be sold at auction, following his fraud conviction.

Shkreli, who was sentenced to seven years in prison last week, is the only owner of a Wu-Tang Clan album, and claims that he also has a Lil Wayne record in his possession.

The 34-year-old entrepreneur paid $2 million in 2015 for Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the 31-track double album that the Wu-Tang Clan spent six years creating.