This Xbox One Bundle is £120 off, today only

Heard about the Xbox One renaissance? You have? Well, stop thinking about it and start playing…

What is it?  Xbox One S 1TB Console Sea of Thieves Bundle with Vertical Stand/Forza Horizon 3/Minecraft Explorers Pack/Wireless Controller Minecraft Creeper

How much is it? £199.99 reduced from £319.99. A saving of £120!

Why should I buy it?

Thanks to the surge of amazing exclusives announced at E3 last month, as well as the growth of the industry revolutionising Game Pass – Netflix, but with games, basically – it really is a great time to game with Xbox One. You’re going to need to get kitted out aren’t you? Luckily, this package is a belter. This Xbox One S model features 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, High Dynamic Range, premium audio and comes with an Xbox Wireless Controller. Plus a month’s subscription to Game Pass, meaning you’ve got access to over a hundred games from the moment you’re online. There’s a bunch of exclusives included on there already, including ‘Sea of Thieves’, which allows you to be a pirate, without getting your leg chopped off and having to hang around with an irritating parrot all the time, and ‘State Of Decay 2’, which allows you the opportunity to live in a zombie infested wasteland without all the misery that can bring. Also on there are the Gears Of War series, a bunch of Resident Evil titles, Bioshock… but there’s some big titles included in the box itself too. For those that need to speed, Forza Horizon 3 allows you to explore Australia in over 350 of the world’s greatest cars. And Minecraft is included too, the open-world, block building phenomenon that has dominated geek culture these last few years. In a nice bit of synchronicity, the controller included is a Minecraft Creeper controller, featuring the iconic green Creeper design as well as textured grip for enhanced comfort. Blimey, steady on. Finally, view your Xbox One S from a whole new angle with the Xbox One S Vertical Stand. Basically, this means you can show of your beautiful box of magical wires in the way nature intended!

Buy it now. You just need a Prime account, or send the link to someone who has one.