You can now get a sex toy that changes intensity according to the price of Bitcoin

When Bitcoin's value increases, so does the intensity of vibrations, and vice versa.

Bitcoin has been around since 2009. If you’re not familiar, it’s a cryptocurrency i.e. a digital currency that operates outside of a central bank.

The currency has suddenly shot up in value, which should not only please owners of the currency, but users of a newly released sex toy, which automatically syncs intensity with the value of Bitcoin. So you might want to get in quick.

Porn site Cam Soda have launched an interactive service called Bitcast, which lets you connect one of a line of special sex toys from adult brand, Lovense.


Bitcast pulls data from cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, so when Bitcoin’s value increases, so does the intensity of vibrations, and vice versa.

“What has so many people captivated, aside from the fact that virtual currencies are largely unregulated and fraught with risk, is the daily volatility, the stratospheric price rises followed by meteoric price drops,” says Daryn Parker, Vice President of CamSoda.

“With people constantly tracking their cryptocurrency investments, we saw an opportunity to offer them simultaneous sexual pleasure derived exclusively from price fluctuations.”

There’s a wide selection of toys to choose from – both male and female – including dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. All you need to do is download the Body Chat app and connect it to your toy.

Not a Bitcoin lover? No worries – Bitcast also supports Ethereum and Litecoin.

Lovense also sells ‘teledildonic’ Bluetooth sex toys, which are remotely controlled via your (or someone else’s) smartphone, as well as toys that can interact with those of your long distance lover’s.


Meanwhile, last month Björk encouraged her fans to pay for new album ‘Utopia’ with cryptocurrency.

Lily Allen once turned down the opportunity to play a gig and be paid in “hundred of thousands of Bitcoin” – which would now be worth billions, making her richer than Madonna and Queen Elizabeth II.

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