You can now take a virtual tour of Andy Warhol’s Tate Modern exhibition

Get your culture on during the coronavirus lockdown...

Fans of Andy Warhol can now take a virtual tour of the pop art icon’s new Tate Modern exhibition, after London and the rest of the UK went into lockdown last month due to coronavirus.

The cultural giant, known for his work for artists such as The Velvet Underground, is the subject of a new retrospective at the London gallery.

It features iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s soup cans and lesser known works from the late artist’s Ladies and Gentlemen series which haven’t been displayed in 30 years.


Art lovers can now access the gallery for the first time in a seven-minute YouTube video, which sees gallery curators Gregor Muir and Fiontan Moran leading an in-depth tour across 12 rooms.

As well as showcasing the works within the gallery, the commentary also provides an invaluable insight into the life of one of modern art’s most enduring figures.

“Curating an Andy Warhol exhibition in the present-day means confronting a world where everyone has a mental projection of the artist and his production,” said Muir and Moran.

“Everyone owns Warhol. He is one of those rare artists who transcends the art world, having become widely known as one of America’s most famous artists, if not one of America’s most famous Americans.


“Over time, Warhol became—and still is—a big brand, which is just how he wanted it.”