Logan Paul’s Japan trip was even worse than we thought

Further footage finds the shamed internet star donning racially insensitive clothing and throwing Pokéballs at police officers

More footage from YouTuber Logan Paul‘s recent trip to Japan has emerged, showing the shamed star partaking in a wide range of racially motivated and inappropriate behaviours.

Paul has been the centre of a social media backlash this week, after uploading a vlog in which he visited Japan’s infamous ‘suicide forest’, and filmed the deceased body of a victim.

An edited compilation of the rest of the YouTuber’s Japan vlog has gained over 100,000 retweets on Twitter since its posting yesterday afternoon (January 5). In the clip, we see Paul proclaiming to ‘respect’ Japanese culture, before donning a kimono and a rice farmer’s hat and running screaming around the city. At one point he declares “Tokyo is like a real-life cartoon.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Paul purchases a GameBoy Color from a market stall, before smashing it in the street and then trying to claim a refund, stating it is “mucho broken-o”. He then dresses up as Pikachu and throws a Pokéball at passers-by – when the police intervene, he throws it at them.

Finally, Paul is filmed running around the city with dead fish in his hand, thrusting them in people’s faces and rubbing them on windows and cars.

Check out the clip below.

After facing a backlash over his video, which saw Paul criticised by high-profile figures including Game Of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner andBreaking Bad star Aaron Paul, the vlogger subsequently apologised, saying that he had intended on “raising awareness for suicide and suicide prevention”.

Logan took to Twitter on Thursday (January 4) to suggest that he’s taking a break from YouTube, writing: “taking time to reflect[.] no vlog for now[.] see you soon”.