Zoe Kravitz to star in the female-lead reboot of High Fidelity

Let's hope Championship Vinyl is still open in this adaptation

Zoe Kravitz has been announced as the star of a new series adaptation of Nick Hornby’s classic book, and the film High Fidelity.

In a neat twist, Kravitz’ mum Lisa Bonet starred in the film version opposite John Cusack, as the impossibly cool Marie De Salle.

The 10-episode series will reimagine the story of navel-gazing music store owner Rob Gordon from a female perspective. Hopefully, this reimagining will see the Big Little Lies actor still running Championship Vinyl record store.


The film version follows Gordon, played by Cusack, as he attempts to get over a breakup by meeting ex-girlfriends, rearranging his considerable vinyl collection and obsessing over top 5 lists of records.

Watch this clip where Lisa Bonet’s character stuns the Rob’s music-obsessed co-workers, a young Jack Black and Todd Louiso:

The series will be for Disney’s upcoming streaming service scheduled to launch in late 2019.

While original screenwriter Scott Rosenberg is said to be on board to produce the series, alongside Kravitz, original star John Cusack was dubious about the project. Back in April, he took to Twitter to raise his concerns about the reboot, stressing that author Nick Hornby needs to be involved for it to not “suck”.


Cusack appeared puzzled over suggestions that the small screen version would be “more upbeat”, adding that Disney “want to brand their thing with our thing” and that they will “fuck it up”.

“The woman part seems good, [but] the rest not so much,” Cusack later added. “It’s Nick’s book, [I] hope at least he’s involved. If he’s not, it’ll suck.”

Along with the High Fidelity reboot, Disney’s new streaming service will reportedly see the development of new Star Wars and Marvel shows.

Disney is also believed to be working on a reboot of the Muppets, as well as a new Monsters Inc TV show.