YouTuber Zoella responds to backlash over old tweets about gay people and “fat chavs”

Posts from her Twitter account dating back to 2010 have been circulating on social media

YouTube celebrity Zoella has responded after coming under fire after a number of her old tweets were re-circulated online. Scroll below to see her response.

The vlogger, who has 12 million subscribers on YouTube and has been recognised as one of the most powerful social media personalities in the UK, has come in for criticism from fans after posts dating back to 2010 resurfaced on social media.

In the posts, the tweets from Zoella’s account mocked “fat chavs” and gay people, with one post from 2010 reading: “I find it funny when gay men spit…it’s like they’re trying to be a bit macho but never works…”. The tweet has since been deleted.

Another post saw the YouTuber seemingly calling an X Factor contestant a “fat chav”, while another read: “Why are these clothes so expensive’ because they’re designer you tramp, that there in your hand is a dress worth over £2000. Haha”.

A number of Twitter users criticised Zoella for the posts, with one writing: “How are people defending zoella from those tweets? She was old enough to not be talking like a nasty teenager does and it wasn’t even just once, it’s multiple times she’s commented on multiple peoples appearance / financial situation.”

Zoella has now issued a response, stating that she has now deleted all the tweets in question. The star claims that a lot of the tweets were “taken out of context” and that she “wouldn’t use” many of the words now “as part of my language”.

“I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, that was not my intention,” she adds. “Obviously that is not who I am today and I’d like to think I’m a little older and wiser! I’m not perfect and I’ve never claimed to be, I’m only human!”

Back in February 2016, Zoella unknowingly shot a photo of a “random man and his dog on the beach” – which just so happened to be Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour.