14 Things You Didn’t See At The NME Awards With Austin, Texas

Thousands of you tuned in to last night’s live stream of the NME Awards 2016 with Austin, Texas, but, of course, some of the action happened away from the stage. What does Coldplay’s dressing room smell like? Who got their penis out? Find out here.

Wolf Alice were – amazingly – still hungover from the Grammys. They only jetted in from LA a couple of hours ahead of the NME Awards with Austin, Texas and rolled straight onto their second red carpet in 48 hours, even if they weren’t quite sure what day it was.

Blame it on the jetlag but Wolf Alice couldn’t keep hold of their two awards. The slippery fingered gang kept on dropping their special gongs.


One of Rat Boy’s backing band got a little bit carried away during their post-performance photo-shoot in the NME green room and um, whipped out his penis.

Coldplay’s dressing room was full of the joys of spring. The band’s backstage area was stuffed full of bunches of fresh daffodils, leading to a ‘beautiful aroma’ when the door opened, according to the lucky NME writer who caught a waft.

Sonic Youth legend Thurston Moore took the opportunity to give Yoko Ono a birthday gift during the event, handing her the crystal necklace he was wearing, much to her delight. Bless.

Tabloid goss alert – Kylie was sporting a diamond ring, promoting speculation that her new fella, actor Josh Sasse, had popped the question. Well, he did have his hand on her bum throughout Coldplay’s set, so we hope his intentions are honourable.

Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis bought a massive bag with him to the after party, prompting the question – what the hell was in Yannis’s big bag? In other Yannis news, when he grabs your bottom – as he did to one male NME staffer – he has a vice-like grip. Powerful.

When you ask bands what they plan to do with their NME Award, at least 65 percent of them will insinuate they are planning to insert it into their bottoms.


Julia Cumming from Sunflower Bean enjoyed Coldplay so much she almost fell off her chair.

Yoko Ono has a funny effect on people: most grin; Rat Boy saluted with a raised fist.

Rat Boy, Slaves and Wolf Alice were spotted selfie-taking at 3am outside the after party at Cuckoo Club – the result of which can be seen on Rat Boy’s Instagram

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Wolf Alice decided to greet Yannis by singing “When I see a man I see a lion” from ‘What Went Down’ right in his face. All reports seem to suggest that he enjoyed it thoroughly.

Grime duo Krept & Konan could not wait to leave. We heard them ask their manager if they could go yet and they slunk off before the end. 🙁

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