Despite a list of winners not appearing in the mag, the Poll Winners concert went ahead as planned. Held again at Wembley’s Empire Pool, 10,000 music fans crammed in to the venue on May 11th and did a lot of hollering, so much so that Cliff Richard described them as “the world’s greatest audience.”
Hosted by Jimmy Saville (“in yellow jacket”) and Tony Blackburn who does a very showbiz turn as co-host. Our man says: “Blackburn bounces back on stage carrying a larger than usual ‘Tony Blackburn Joke Book’, telling us now they’ve just built a lock on the River Thames and isn’t that ridiculous…who’d steal the River Thames?!”
Wow. Cliff Richard caused: “more excitement, more sheer hysteria, scream and adulation than any one before him.” Bee Gee Robin Gibb makes a surprise appearance, joining Cliff for a run through of ‘Congratulations’.
Jimmy Saville