Even though music was transitioning, the old guard were holding hard and fast as the readers displayed a rather conservative voting side.
Rick Wakeman and Mike Oldfield picked up plaudits and The Sex Pistols got lumped with ‘Turkey Of The Year.’ By the way the top three in that category (in ascending order) was ‘punk rock’, ‘Johnny Rotten’, and ‘The Sex Pistols’. Weirdly Rotten also won the ‘Most Wonderful Human Being’ award.
Best Group
Led Zeppelin
Best Female Singer
Linda Ronstadt
Turkey Of The Year
Sex Pistols
Best Male Singer
Robert Plant
Most Promising Emergent Act
Eddie And The Hot Rods
Best Keyboardist
Rick Wakeman
Best Drummer
John Bonham
Best Songwriter/ Composer
Bob Dylan
Best Television Show
‘Old Grey Whistle Test’
Best Disc Jockey
John Peel
Most Missed Dead Act
Jimi Hendrix
Best Guitarist
Jimmy Page
Best Single
Thin Lizzy – ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’
Best Album
Led Zeppelin – ‘The Song Remains The Same’
Most Wonderful Human Being
Johnny Rotten
Best Miscellaneous Instrumentalist
Mike Oldfield
Best Radio Show
‘Alan Freeman’s Saturday Show’
Best Dressed Sleeve
Led Zeppelin – ‘The Song Remains The Same’
Best Bassist
Paul McCartney