The full effect of The Smiths split wasn’t felt until a full two years after their split. Although Mozzer still took home two awards, in their place were the likes of The House Of Love, R.E.M and The Wedding Present.
Our man said: “This year’s results reflect a particularly strange, dislocating musical twelve-months. Take the prestigeous Best Band slot; with no Smiths, Housemartins or Bunnymen to vote for…it has been carved up with between those (like R.E.M., The Fall, U2, New Order and The Cure) who’ve been cosily with us for most of the decade and the power-thighed emergents like…The House Of Love, The Sugarcubes, The Wonder Stuff and Public Enemy.”
Best Band
The Wedding Present
Solo Artist
Best New Band/Act
The House Of Love
Best Single
The House Of Love – ‘Destroy The Heart’
Best LP
R.E.M – ‘Green’
Best TV Show
Ugly Bastard Of The Year
Bros (collective)
Object Of Desire Of The Year
Wendy James (Transvision Vamp)
Film Of The Year
‘A Fish Called Wanda’
Favourite NME Cover Of 1988
Best Night Out
The Wedding Present
Radio Show Of The Year
John Peel
Stimulant Of The Year
Event Of The Year
Mandela’s Birthday Bash
Bad News Of The Year
US Election Result
Most Wonderful Human Being
Creep Of the Year
Margaret Thatcher