The Stone Roses dominated the poll. They nabbed a whopping four of the top categories including Band and LP of the year.
Danny Kelly said: “From out of nowhere, The Stone Roses have emerged to enjoy a dominance (Best Band, Best New Band, LP Of The Year, Single Of The Year!) unlike any since the halcyon days of The Smiths.”
Band Of The Year
The Stone Roses
LP Of The Year
The Stone Roses – ‘The Stone Roses’
Single Of The Year
The Stone Roses – ‘Fool’s Gold’
Best New Band/Artist
The Stone Roses
Best Solo Artist
Best Dance Record
Happy Mondays – ‘WFL’
Hype Of The Year
Object Of Desire
Wendy James
Radio Show
John Peel
TV Show
Film Of The Year
‘Dead Poets Society’
Fashion Of The Year
Club/Venue Of The Year
Event Of The Year (Music): Reading Festival
Event Of The Year (Real Life)
Revolution In Eastern Europe
Bastard Of The Year
Margaret Thatcher