Bring Me The Horizon Trashed Coldplay’s Table At The NME Awards 2016 With Austin, Texas

Bring Me The Horizon did themselves proud and actually brought the horizon – plus loads, loads more – to the NME Awards 2016 with Austin, Texas tonight. No other act wore a hoodie throughout their entire performance. No other act jumped on Coldplay’s table and nearly broke the thing. No other act slammed their microphone into the ground with such force that the entire auditorium thought the building was starting to crumble. Consider our horizons properly broadened.

This was ‘Happy Song’, with Bring Me The Horizon’s habitual lights show, part of which features its chorus’ lyrics, stretched across the screen behind them, in time to the words roared out by frontman Oli Sykes. Have the NME Awards ever witnessed such force before? Probably – but this was a real reminder of the power of raw performance. Bring Me The Horizon played to a group of truly diverse, forward-thinking artists tonight, and it went down an absolute storm.


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