Go wireless with the Beats Solo Pro at just half the price

Just like Dr. Dre ordered, but at a cool $150 off

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When it comes to headphones, few brands have been as iconic as Beats by Dr Dre. But the Doctor’s signature cans have always come with a hefty price tag – though thanks to this special deal, you can now grab a pair of wireless Beats Solo Pros for half the price, at just $149.

The Beats Solo Pro is marketed as “everyday” headphones, and none of its features comes in more handy for the daily grind than its active noise cancelling capabilities. Using real-time audio calibration, the headphones help you focus on your music by keeping out the racket around you, while automatically adjusting its intensity as you go the move. But when you do need to pay attention to your surroundings, the Solo Pro also has a cool transparency feature, which lets environmental noise into the mix.

The other functions of the Solo Pro make a lot of sense for day-to-day use, too. Its B button acts as a convenient control panel, with different press commands on the logo allowing you to control playback, activate Siri, and adjust volumes. The headphones feature dual beam-forming microphones and a speech-detecting accelerometer, which helps enhance the clarity of your voice during calls. Another nifty feature we also like: they automatically switch off as you fold them, saving the battery for when you forget to put them to sleep.

Beats Solo Pro Ivory Closeup
The ivory version of the Beats Solo Pro. Credit: Beats

That doesn’t mean the Solo Pro has unreliable battery life. Quite the opposite: you can get up to 22 hours of noiseless listening time, extendable to 40 hours if you’re using them without their noise-busting capabilities. But just in case you need to head out quick, the Solo Pro also charges in a hurry: 10 minutes will give your pair enough gas for a good three hours of listening.

The Solo Pro also promises more secure iPhone connections and longer wireless range – thanks to its Class 1 Bluetooth technology and Apple-made H1 headphone chip. And if you’re not an Apple convert, the Solo Pro is also compatible with Android devices through the Beats app. It’s also versatile enough for use with non-Bluetooth devices: just connect it with a lightning to 3.5mm audio cable, and you’re good to go with minimum latency.

And finally, nothing defines Beats more than style. This pair comes in an elegant silky ivory white, alongside a nice carrying case to keep your cans safe. Beyond its snug fit and signature bass-heavy sound, the Solo Pro is sweat- and water-resistant, too – perfect for workouts.

BUY NOW: $149