Black Friday Deal: This best-selling Bose soundbar is now going at 25 per cent off

The Bose Solo 5 proves good things can come in small packages

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Beef up your home entertainment system with the Bose Solo 5 soundbar. The impressive quality that the brand is known for often doesn’t come cheap, which is why this compact soundbar – now going for $149, down from $199 – should be at the top of your Christmas wishlist.

Measuring just 55cm by 7cm, this is one of the leanest – and meanest – soundbars around. Its sleek, no-frills design blends into any setup, and it connects to your TV via a single optical, coaxial or aux input, making setup a breeze. And with dialogue and bass boost modes, it adds both body and clarity to your sound.

The Bose Solo 5
The Bose Solo 5. Credit: Amazon

We also like the other handy features on the Solo 5. An auto-wake function activates when the soundbar detects an audio signal, letting it work seamlessly as part of your setup. It’s Bluetooth compatible, too, so you can stream tunes directly from your phone. Lastly, an included universal remote can be programmed to operate any infra-red device – like your TV – in addition to the soundbar.

All in all, the Bose Solo 5 is a low-profile powerhouse that’ll take your TV’s audio to the next level. There’s no telling when a similar offer will be on the cards, so we recommend purchasing one as soon as possible.

BUY NOW: $149