Block out the noise with Bowers & Wilkins’ elegant PX wireless headphones

British excellence for your ears, now at over 20 per cent off

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Want to enjoy your tunes without the world in your way? British audio powerhouse Bowers & Wilkins have a great solution – now on sale for over 20 per cent off, their PX wireless headphones make for a stylish silent choice for your bangers on the go.

The PX is great at its primary job: keeping out the din with active noise cancellation. But what’s especially nifty are its specialised modes, which let you fine-tune your listening experience depending on the situation you’re in. With the Bowers & Wilkins app, you can eliminate the hum of a plane engine in flight mode, filter out urban distractions in city mode, or block out background chatter in office mode. You can also toggle through these options using physical panels and buttons, located conveniently on the headphone’s ear cups.

B&W has always been known for their sophistication, and with the PX, the British brand pays attention to detail to design, too. On the sonic end, they use the same drivers as their flagship P9 model – ensuring consistency in their sound stages – but B&W has angled the PX’s slightly for a more natural stereo experience. Physically, the PX also boasts the brand’s signature elegance, featuring thick leather ear pads alongside a ballistic nylon outer finish, which give the headphones an instantly recognisable appearance.

Bowers and Wilkins PX inline
Credit: Bowers & Wilkins

The PX is stylish – and smart. Its responsive features make life a lot easier, whether you’re ploughing through your daily podcast diet or savouring a post-rock suite. Lifting an ear cup automatically pauses your media, while putting the headphones down on a surface sends the PX to sleep, saving you precious battery life. When you want to continue listening, simply pick it up and put it back on, and the tunes will resume.

The PX holds plenty of juice in the tank, too, boasting up to 22 hours of listening when active noise cancelling is on, and six months in standby or sleep mode. When you’re using it wired, without noise cancellation, its battery life doubles to around 50 hours, and the sound quality also takes a significant jump.

The PX is also one of the only headphones on the market that uses USB Type-C charging ports. That means you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to powering it – great news for anyone who hates carrying around multiple cables all day (that is, everyone). With its snug fit and reliable aluminium-based build, the PX is a stylish yet durable pair of headphones perfect for everyday listening – with more than a little flair.

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