These high-end headphones are a treat for your ears – and they’re going for 25 per cent off

The DALI IO-4 and its bigger sibling the IO-6 are both on a $100 markdown

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With over 35 years of experience in the hi-fi world, DALI is bringing its expertise to wireless headphones. And its IO-4 model – one of only two the brand is currently producing – is now going for $100 off on Amazon, for just $299.

These headphones feature DALI’s custom 50mm paper fibre cone, which the brand claims reproduces accurate and transparent sound. You can also use these cans for days without charging, as it comes with an impressive 60 hours of battery life on a single charge.
The ear pads that come with the DALI IO-4 are made from memory foams that will conform to your head shape for comfort and a better seal.

However, while these closed-back headphones provide a high level of natural passive noise isolation, it doesn’t offer active noise-cancellation – you’ll need to get the IO-6, which is also going for $100 off, for that.

DALI IO-4. Credit: DALI

The IO-4 comes with multiple connectivity options. These headphones support the latest audio codecs: aptX, aptX HD and Apple AAC. For those who want the highest possible quality, the set includes a USB-C cable, which supports digital audio streaming from Windows or Mac.

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