Take to the skies with the DJI Mavic Mini drone for just $399

Epic aerial shots at a 20 per cent discount

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Ever fancied some epic aerial shots for your vlogs or music videos? Welcome to the world of camera drones – if you’re new here, the compact DJI Mavic Mini, now going for just $399, is a great beginner’s choice.

Don’t worry about the wind: with the Mavic Mini’s 3-axis motorised gimbal, getting that slick look for your videos will be a breeze. It’s got the glass for it, too: the Mavic Mini natively supports 12-megapixel aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos, which will ensure buttery-smooth footage whatever the shot.

DJI Mavic Mini
Credit: DJI

Even with that power, the Mavic Mini is supremely portable, weighing in at just under 250 grams, the same weight as an average smartphone – with battery, propellers and microSD card all on board. This feather-light drone stays in the air longer, with a full charge promising you up to 30 minutes of flight time. Not bad at all, considering the drone can fly at a maximum speed of 29 miles per hour, perfect for smooth pans across wide landscapes.

The Mavic Mini strives to be a beginner’s best friend. With the easy-to-use DJI Fly App, you’ll be able to give your shots with some cinematic polish with just a few taps. It even packs a Flight Tutorial mode, allowing complete greenhorns to take to the skies in no time.

One additional bonus? The drone’s even small enough to avoid required government registration, if you happen to live in Canada or the US. Of course, be sure to check your local regulations before flying!

BUY NOW: $399