These Bluetooth speakers from Klipsch might be the best ones out there

The versatile R-51M is now going for 25 per cent off

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The Klipsch R-51M is arguably the most powerful and versatile Bluetooth speakers in the market – it’s in an entirely different league from your typical consumer audio device. And it’s now going for 25 per cent off on Amazon for just $379.99.

Think of the R-51M as, literally and figuratively, amped-up bookshelf speakers. They have in-built amplifiers that mean they can be connected directly via Bluetooth to your phone; otherwise, the amps can be bypassed if you’re using a stereo amplifier or receiver.

We especially like that there’s even an in-built phono preamp, so you can hook up a turntable directly – no additional amplifiers required. Analogue RCA, digital optical, 3.5mm aux, and USB are the other inputs the R-51M offers.

Kilpsch R-51M
Kilpsch R-51M. Credit: Amazon

These stereo speakers come with Klipsch’s Linear Travel Suspension aluminium tweeter and the brand’s Injection Molded Graphite woofer cones, which reproduce sparkly high frequencies and rounded low frequencies.

These features are supported by Klipsch’s Tractrix horn technology, which ensures the speakers are aimed directly at the listener. This dramatically reduces the amount of reverberant noise that is reflected off the walls of your house, delivering a true and high fidelity sound.

Additionally, because the human ear perceives frequencies differently at various volumes, these powered speakers come with dynamic bass EQ to compensate for this. This feature dynamically matches the ear’s ability to pick up low frequencies at any volume.

And as the icing on the cake, these handsome speakers more closely resemble a high-end stereo pair than the cutesy Bluetooth speakers you see flooding the market.

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