This powerhouse Marshall Bluetooth speaker is going for $70 off

Make your room come alive with the Marshall Stanmore II Voice

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Hear the name Marshall, and rock’n’roll immediately springs to mind – think Jimi Hendrix’s guitar solos blasting through glorious JCM stacks. But Marshall’s not just about amps. The brand brings its 50-year pedigree to its speakers as well. Now going for the special price of $329.99 on Amazon, the Bluetooth edition of the Marshall Stanmore II Voice packs a punch as the brand’s most versatile speaker in its line-up yet.

True to the brand’s roots, the Stanmore II Voice comes with clarity that’s just as dependable as its amplification. Built with advanced components, the Stanmore II produces clean and precise audio at any volume. Capable of delivering a whopping maximum output of 101dB, it’s a great speaker adaptable for rooms of any size.

But the Stanmore II Voice’s true power lies in its convenience: its Bluetooth 5.0 capability and aptX technology are capable of delivering lossless audio to a range up to 30 feet. That means you can hook your phone up to it from pretty much anywhere in the house, cable-free – handy when you’re doing chores, or when you’re too lazy to stretch for a connector. Of course, when you’re right next to it, you can still kick out the jams with an analogue listening experience simply by plugging into the RCA or 3.5mm input.

Marshall Stanmore II Alexa Bluetooth Voice speaker Amazon top view
The Stanmore II’s top panel. Credit: Marshall

With the Marshall Bluetooth app, controlling your music also becomes much easier. Custom playback commands and one-touch presets let you can dial in your music just the way you want it. The Stanmore also packs multi-host functionality, allowing you to easily connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices – perfect for parties.

The app isn’t just limited to controlling playback either. It’ll allow you to switch EQ presets, set up stereo or ambient mode, and adjust the intensity of the LED lights on the Stanmore II’s top panel – also perfect for parties.

Beyond Bluetooth, the Stanmore II’s also got the power of Alexa up its sleeve, allowing you to control your speaker through voice commands when your hands are tied. For even more control, the speaker even allows you to connect and issue commands through multiple Alexa-enabled devices.

And if you’re a hands-on person, dials and controls on the Stanmore II also allow you to further fine-tune the sound to your room and preferences, so you can hear your music your way.

Of course, beyond all the digital gadgetry, it’s still got that classic analogue feel, with all the vintage details that make it shine. Complete with a textured black vinyl finish, the piece is built on a sturdy wooden frame, adorned with Marshall’s iconic script logo, making for a stylish addition to any music lover’s home.

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