Work and play anywhere with this ultra-light Microsoft tablet, now going for $450

The supremely portable Microsoft Surface Go 2 weighs just over a pound

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Nothing quite beats a good tablet on the go, especially one that blends the convenience of a smartphone with the power of a laptop. Now going for just under $450 on Amazon, Microsoft’s supremely portable Surface Go 2 is a great tool to capitalise on those outdoor productivity bursts.

One completely undeniable advantage of the Surface Go 2 is that it’s really, really light, weighing at a miniscule 1.2lb (or 544g). And despite its weight (or lack thereof), the tablet’s touch screen packs 10.5 inches of real estate, not to mention a newly enhanced PixelSense display. That size and quality enhances any situation you use the Surface Go for, whether it be binge-watching a season of Designated Survivor, or reading e-book bestsellers like Crying in H Mart.

Microsoft Surface Go product shot
Credit: Microsoft

The screen’s larger size also means you can better stay in touch with your friends and family with crisper video calls. Thanks to its two full HD cameras, you can say goodbye to grainy pixels no matter what app you choose, from Skype to Discord to Zoom.

All that processing power doesn’t come at the cost of battery life. The 10.5inch model can last for ten hours at maximum charge – plenty of juice for a good day of use, whether you’re casually scrolling through your Facebook feed or beating your work deadlines in a cafe. Connectivity won’t be an issue either: the Surface Go 2 includes an in-built USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack, meaning you can still use your good old wired headphones if you wish.

What’s more, with the right power-ups and accessories, the Microsoft Surface Go can transcend its prescribed role as a lifestyle device. For artists, a Surface pen transforms this tablet into a versatile tool that allows you to sketch and edit on the go, with its lag-free input and shading friendly tilt making the creative process a breeze. Get an additional kickstand, and the tablet supports itself at an angle that fits you, making it your personal canvas.

And you can even turn the Surface Go 2 into a full-on office setup if you have to. By grabbing Microsoft’s Signature Type Cover, you gain a full keyboard and trackpad. With a Bluetooth-capable Surface Mouse alongside it, you can transform your Surface Go into a workstation that could compete against any laptop. Running Windows 10 Home with its 8GB RAM and Intel Pentium processor under the hood, the Surface Go will help you power through your tasks – it’s got the engines ready for it.

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