This universal Polk soundbar is now going at 25 per cent off

The Signa S2 soundbar lets you experience theatre-grade audio from the comfort of your own home

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The Polk brand has been synonymous with affordable sound systems that don’t compromise on delivering rich, immersive audio experiences. And The Signa S2 soundbar no exception – it’s now going on Amazon for $149 down from $199, which means a 25 per cent discount.

While the Signa S2’s compact design makes it slightly smaller than most soundbars in the market, it’s certainly one that punches above its weight in the performance department. It delivers beautiful rich sounds from its five powerful drivers, including a wireless subwoofer that produces resounding bass that brings to life the rumble and thump of your favourite blockbusters. Couple that with Dolby Digital Decoding, and you’ll have a soundbar that delivers incredible theatre-grade, room-filling surround sound from its 8.1x90x5.5 cm package.

polk audio signa 2 soundbar
Credit: Amazon

Equipped with the Polk Adjust Technology, you get to customise the voice levels to reproduce clear, crisp dialogue so you’ll never have to miss a single word from your favourite soap operas or action flicks. Don’t want to wake the family? Just access its Night Mode to lower the bass and increase VoiceAdjust for clear dialogue – all without raising the master volume.

With the soundbar’s HDMI (ARC) port, you can directly pair it up with your 4k HD Smart TV to marry its theatre-grade audio with stunning picture quality. Throw in the optical input and 3.5mm minijack AUX and you can easily link it up with numerous audio sources. And if plugging in other devices sounds like a hassle, you can just stream your music directly from your smartphones or tablets with its built-in Bluetooth technology.

So if you’re looking to take your home theatre system to the next level without splashing out, the discounted Signa S2 represents excellent value for money.

BUY NOW: $149