This discounted recording kit has all you need to start making hits

Record your next hit with the AudioBox USB 96 and LyxPro Condenser Studio Microphone

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If you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, here’s a bundle deal that has everything you need to start laying down tracks. The PreSonus AudioBox USB 96, Studio One Artist and LyxPro Condensor Studio Microphone bundle is now going for $129 down from $149 on Amazon.

The bus-powered AudioBox USB 96’s simple 2-in/2-out configuration includes two channels that each allow for both microphone and instrument inputs. On top of that, each channel has an LED visual located right beside their respective knobs to help you adjust the levels and prevent clipping. Its built-in dual high-quality preamps, as well as 48 volts of phantom power for condenser mic compatibility, are also perfect if you’re recording in a studio setting.

PreSonus Audiobox 96
AudioBox USB 96. Credit: Amazon

And whether you’re in the studio or hosting a podcast, the AudioBox USB 96 is able to capture your tracks at professional-grade 24-bit/96kHz resolution. On top of that, it also has an onboard mixer that provides low-latency monitoring, allowing for detailed monitoring and live playbacks.

Best of all, the bundle ships with the PreSonus Studio One Artist digital audio workstation. The software – it’s compatible with both Mac and PC – provides unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses and FX channels.

Studio One Artist DAW software
Studio One Artist DAW software. Credit: Amazon

Also included in this bundle is a LyxPro Condenser Studio Microphone that has a professional-grade zinc body and brass grille – you’ll also get a three-metre XLR cable to hook it up to the audio interface. Throw in its studio shock mount and you have all you need to start recording.


LyxPro Condenser Studio Microphone
LyxPro Condenser Studio Microphone. Credit: Amazon

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