Black Friday Deal: Razer’s ergonomic DeathAdder V2 RGB gaming mouse is under $50 right now

Precision, comfort and style in one lightweight package

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The name Razer has become synonymous with quality kit for both casual and competitive gamers, and its DeathAdder V2 wired gaming mouse is certainly no exception. Now, it’s going for just $49.99 on Amazon for Black Friday, down from $69.99.

The DeathAdder V2’s unique design suits palm, fingertip and claw grips alike, so whether you’re buckling in for a long raid or just working from home, this mouse will keep your mitts happy and comfortable all day long. Its lightweight frame keeps you lightning-quick to outpace the opposition, while a sweat-resistant coating makes for easy maintenance after even the most gruelling grinding sessions.

razer deathadder v2
Credit: Amazon

In the performance department, the V2 shines as well – literally, as RGB lighting lets you illluminate the battlefield in style. Its mouse buttons trade in mechanical switches for infrared beams, too, which send signals three times faster, granting a massive edge in games where a fraction of a second separates victory and defeat. Eight programmable buttons let you customise your key bindings to suit different playstyles, while a 20K DPI optical sensor detects even the finest movements, great for shooters where precision is king.

All in all, if you’re looking to get a few Plays Of The Game while you’re stuck at home this holiday, we recommend the DeathAdder V2 as your weapon of choice. And now that prices are lower than ever (and there’s no telling when they’ll go back up), there’s no better time to arm yourself.

BUY NOW: $49.99