With the discounted Roku Streambar, binge-watching is a breeze

Get it quick for less than $100

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When you’re winding down after a long day with your favourite show, hassle is the last thing you need. With the Roku Streambar and this new Amazon deal, that’s no longer an issue: you get an-all-in-one solution for your living room for the remarkably affordable price of $99.

For TV marathons, having a visually stunning system is a prerequisite. The Roku is brilliant on that front, with its native HD, 4K and HDR outputs allowing you to binge-watch anything at the best quality possible. It also optimises itself to any TV, and promises sharp resolution and vivid colours no matter the screen.

With the Roku’s simple and fast interface, you can see all of your options at one glance – whether it be your latest Hannibal binge on Netflix, or the Massive Attack hole you’ve tunnelled into on Spotify. If you’re less of a streamer, the Streambar still has you covered: it also supports standard free-to-air TV channels.

Roku Streambar screen
The Roku’s easy-to-navigate interface. Credit: Roku

The Roku’s audio also packs a punch with its four Dolby Audio-enriched internal speakers. And on top of the solid hardware, the Streambar’s also got brains: Roku’s operating system offers advanced audio engineering allowing for boosted volume, greater clarity, and richer depth. It even helps you optimise your sound to pacify the neighbours, automatically bringing down the volume on loud commercials and enhancing the clarity of voices in your film or show.

When it comes to toggling between your media, the Streambar’s flexible too: it supports Bluetooth streaming and is also pairable with your iPhone. With its Apple Airplay capabilities, you can easily sync up the Roku to your existing music, videos and photo libraries. Add that to its long wireless range, and you’ve got a highly versatile device at your command.

What’s more, the Streambar takes commands through both Roku’s voice remote and voice assistants like Siri and Alexa – meaning you no longer have to waste time looking for vanishing remotes. Instead, you can make the Streambar do your bidding with your words: whether that’s basic functions like switching on your TV, adjusting volume and controlling channels, or more specific requests like toggling captions and searching for shows.

Finally, it’s all really easy to set up. Just plug the Streambar in, hook it up to your Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go.

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