Binge box: the Roku Ultra is now 30 per cent off

Get all your favourite streaming services and TV channels in one nifty box

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With so many streaming platforms and channels nowadays, it can be hard to keep track of and catch all your favourite shows. The Roku Ultra 2020 has an all-in-one solution and then more. Thanks to Amazon, the streaming player is going for just $69 – that’s a hefty 30 per cent off.

After long days at work, no one has the patience for clunky loading screens or cursed buffer circles. With the Roku Ultra’s powerful quad-core processors and responsive interface, you can launch your favourite channels and stream content instantaneously with little lag.

Running out of shows to watch? You can take your time to browse Roku Ultra’s colossal library of free, live, and premium TV. In addition to your Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video subscriptions, over 150 Live TV channels and Roku Originals (which includes shows such as the reboot of Punk’d, helmed by Chance the Rapper) are available for free. You’ll always have something new to sample.

Roku Ultra
Roku Ultra

For cinephiles, a cinematic viewing experience is a must. Thankfully, the Ultra is able to optimise streaming experiences tailored to home theatres with Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos. Watching blockbusters like Avengers Endgame with the Ultra’s top-grade colour, contrast and brightness, paired with three-dimensional audio, will instantly transport you back to the first time you saw it in the theatres.

Choppy video and laggy streams are a thing of the past with the Roku Ultra’s increased wireless range. With up to 50 per cent more wireless coverage, you can enjoy the smoothest of streaming experiences far away from your router. You even have the option of hooking your Ultra up through Ethernet for even more remarkable speed.

Be it H.E.R.’s ‘Back Of My Mind’ or The Midnight Miracle, you can broadcast your favourite music, podcasts, and more directly from your TV system using the Ultra and connected Bluetooth Streaming device – perfect for livening up your next party.

Finally, Roku Ultra voice controls enable you to take control of your TV without fiddling with a cumbersome remote. With the Roku voice remote, you can set up personal shortcuts, search across channels, and turn captions on – all with just your voice. And if you lose it between your couch cushions, simply press the button on your streaming device and the Roku remote will emit a sound for you so you can fish it out with ease.

BUY NOW: $69

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