Samsung’s lightweight Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is now going at 20 per cent off

A tablet ready for all your entertainment needs

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Whether it’s streaming your favourite movies or working on your assignments, tablets provide a convenient solution to do all that and more on the go – and Samsung’s entry-level Galaxy Tab 8.0 is no exception. The 32GB version of the tablet is currently going for $119 on Amazon, down from $149.

We especially like how light the Galaxy Tab A is – it clocks in at a mere 344 grams. Compare that to the Galaxy 6S and 6S Lite, which weigh in at 417 and 462 grams respectively, and you’ll have one of Samsung’s lightest tablets yet, one that you can easily wield in one hand.

Which will come in useful when you’re binging on Netflix in bed. And to that end, the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is a pint-sized movie machine. It vividly presents images at 1280×800 resolution through its 8-inch Thin Film Transistor LCD display – plus, the minimised bezel gives you more screen real estate for your buck. And with its stereo speakers, all your content is accompanied by immersive surround sound.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
Credit: Samsung

With a 13-hour battery life obtained from a single charge, there’s always time for a game or two after you’re done catching up with your shows. The Galaxy Tab A 8.0 features an integrated Qualcomm Adreno 504 graphics card which delivers a smooth gaming experience, along with a capacitive touchscreen that allows for accurate and responsive controls.

Got to work on the go? The tablet’s Quad Core 2.0GHz processor gives it more than enough power for running day-to-day tasks simultaneously, such as editing documents and checking your mail. You can, of course, always make use of its micro-USB port to connect your smart keyboards, too.

Storage-wise, its built-in 32GB of memory can always be bumped up to 512GB with an external Micro SD card.

So if you’re looking for a tablet that represents excellent value for money, this is a deal you won’t want to miss.

BUY NOW: $119.99