Become the boss of your life with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

It’s not a personal assistant, but this smartwatch is close – and it’s going for nearly 40 per cent off

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Modern life is relentless – but the 21st century has the tools to make things easier for yourself. Case in point: the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which is now going at 40 per cent off and offers all the conveniences of cutting-edge tech without the time-suck of being glued to a screen.

For smartwatches, convenience is the name of the game – and thanks to Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby, the Galaxy Watch 3 makes handling your day-to-day essentials a breeze. Whether it be taking calls or answering texts, take care of everything with simple voice commands, eliminating any distracting screen time. You won’t even need to worry about your wallet weighing down your pockets, since you’ll be able to use the watch to make cashless payments through Samsung Pay. Make transactions with ease, as the Galaxy Watch 3 has formidable security features to keep your sensitive data safe.

Credit: Samsung

This smartwatch also helps you live healthier. The water-resistant Galaxy Watch 3 can automatically track seven popular workout activities, including swimming and cycling, while also helping you move better thanks to its in-built run coaching. It’s also prepared for emergencies: should anything happen during your workout, the Galaxy Watch 3 can use its GPS capabilities and share your location with emergency contacts, so you can get medical help as soon as possible.

When it’s time to wind down, the Galaxy Watch 3 can help you enter slumberland more smoothly. Its automatic sleep tracker offers insights on how you can sleep better, whether by checking your stress levels or helping you meditate with Samsung’s specially designed breathing programs. That’s on top of keeping an eye on your vital signs with in-built heart rate, oxygen level and period trackers. And if you pair it with the Samsung Health Monitor on your phone, you can even share your ECG recordings with your health provider.

Credit: Samsung

If that sounds like a lot for a simple watch to be doing, rest assured that the Galaxy Watch 3 is built for the task. With a single charge, it’s good to go for a maximum of 43 hours – but if you need more juice, it can draw power from a Galaxy phone, thanks to Samsung’s Wireless Power Share technology.

And of course, the Galaxy Watch 3’s smarts don’t come at the expense of style. With its premium leather bands, mystic silver finish, military-grade durability and over 50,000 watch faces to choose from, the Galaxy Watch 3 makes a great accessory for any outfit and situation you can imagine.

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