Two top-tier Sony Bravia TVs are now a steal at up to 17 per cent off

The A8H and A9G bring your movies and games to life

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When it comes to smart TVs with stunning display and incredible processing power, Sony is one of the first brands that springs to mind. While its top-of-the-line models can come at a premium, two of them have been significantly discounted on Amazon: the A8H and A9G.

The A8H has everything you need for an immersive entertainment experience right out of the box. Powered by one of Sony’s best processors, the X1 Ultimate, it upscales all your pictures to deliver an exquisite display in full 4K Ultra HD.

On top of that, its OLED + Pixel Contrast Booster and Triluminos Display presents a limitless range of vibrant colours to bring your pictures to life. The A8H supports both Dolby Atmos Vision and IMAX Enhanced, meaning you get to enjoy cinema-grade entertainment without having to get off your couch.

The A8H is a great gaming companion, too. It has a dedicated Game Mode that allows you to plug in your PlayStation to enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience in all its 4K glory. To top it off, the TV’s X-Motion Clarity technology and 120Hz refresh rate ensure smooth, fast-paced gaming.

sony a8h smart tv
Sony A8H Credit: Amazon

But if you only settle for the best, look no further than the A9G. It comes off Sony’s top-tier Master Series line of TVs, offering all the A8H has – and more. Its integrated CalMAN software allows for precise adjustments to reproduce colours with maximum fidelity and industry-leading picture quality.

In addition to that, the A9G’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ – consisting of two actuators and a pair of powerful subwoofers – is a step up from the A8H’s Acoustic Surface Audio.

sony a9g smart tv
Sony A9G Credit: Amazon

Both TVs run on the Android TV OS, which means you can use Google Assistant to voice-control your other smart home devices. Plus, they’re also Alexa-enabled.

For a limited time, the Sony A8H is going for $1,698 down from $1,899.99 while the Sony A9G, is going for $1,898 down from $2,299.99.