Kickstart the party with this Sony wireless speaker, now 20 per cent off

Syncable with 100 other speakers, the bass-heavy SRS-XB43 promises a royal rumble

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Want to liven up the room with some block-rockin’ beats? Weighing in at just 6.5 lbs (2.95kg) and now going for just under $200 (a 21 per cent discount), Sony’s SRS-XB43 wireless speaker packs a punch.

First, a speaker is nothing without great sound, and this Sony bass demon gets the job done well. With SRS-XB43’s signature extra bass and its Live Sound Mode, setting the right mood becomes a breeze, whether you’re putting on Migos bangers or pumping house beats. But if you need to hear the mids for your jazz tunes, it’s also possible to fine-tune your sound with Sony Music Center and its X-Balanced Speaker Unit.

When it comes to having a good time, cable troubles and vibe-killing static are the last things you want. As a wireless speaker, the SRS-XB43 makes that a non-issue, but it’s also got some nifty features tailor-made for the crowd. Forget house parties – this speaker can handle a full block, with the Party Connect option allowing you to sync up to 100 (!) speakers. Thanks to the Fiestable app, the SRS-XB43 can even spice up the room with a little colour, with two speaker lights and multi-colored line lights on board to use.

Sony SRS-XB43
Credit: Sony

If the action is happening by the pool, the speaker’s IP67 waterproof rating means you won’t need to worry even if you accidentally drop it in the water. It’s also dust-proof and resistant against rust – coupled with its water resistance, that means you can actually wash the speaker. So don’t be afraid to bring this speaker into all manner of terrain.

With a microphone built right in, the SRS-XB43 also doubles as a speakerphone, allowing you to answer calls hands-free – whether it’s with your boss, or your friends coming over for the weekend. And with its 24-hour battery life, leaving it on the whole day won’t be an issue.

The SRS-XB43 is also convenient to charge: it’s compatible with USB Type-C, which means you can juice it up with any cable lying around. But it’s also got enough in the tank to run the other way. If your phone is running out of gas, just plug your phone into your speaker – that way, you won’t ever need to put a hard stop on your tunes.

BUY NOW: $198