The mini projector is going at 72 per cent off, for under $100

With the Yaber 6000L mini projector, it almost feels as though you have a huge TV screen wherever you go

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With a projector, any wall can turn into a TV screen. And you don’t have to shell out thousands for one – mini projectors come at a fraction of the price. Like this Yaber V2 Mini Projector, which is on a 72 per cent markdown on Amazon and is going for a touch over $90.

The YABER 6000L V2 mini projector comes in a compact form factor, and is much lighter than its predecessor at only 2.2 pounds. It supports WiFi connections for both iOS and Android screen mirroring, and is Miracast compatible too. This allows you to Miracast any form of media onto the projector screen freely. And, of course, it accepts HDMI and USB inputs.


With its native full HD 1280p by 720p resolution, 6,000 lumens of brightness and 6000:1 contrast, the V2 delivers outstanding colour accuracy and crisp image quality, which ranges from 45 to a huge 200 inches diagonally. There’s even a screen included in the package.
And to top it all off, the V2 comes with in-built three-watt stereo speakers that are outfitted with the SRS sound system.

BUY NOW: $93.91