Turn your living room into a cinema with this high-end projector, now 52 per cent off

Get crisp, massive displays with the YABER Y30

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Not able to visit a cinema in these trying times? With a projector, you’re one step closer to replicating a theatre-worthy viewing experience in your own home. And this deal on the YABER Y30 is a great way to start, because this premium, yet affordable option is going for 52 per cent off on Amazon at only $239.99.

With the YABER Y30’s HD display capabilities, you’ll be able to take in and enjoy every little detail from any movie or game with crystal clarity. This is achieved with the Y30’s real native resolution of 1920 x 1080, combined with its 8000L bright and high dynamic contrast ratio. Its resolution is able to go up to four times higher than 720p without any downscaling or compression – ensuring crisp, sharp visuals at all times. You’ll be able to attain massive displays in your room, with the Y30’s projection size ranging from 45 inches to 200 inches depending on its distance from the wall.

From YouTube videos to your latest co-op mission, you can blow anything up with the Y30. Equipped with 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, a VGA port, and an AV port, the projector is able to easily connect to any device – be it an XBox, PC, DVD player, or even an iPhone. You don’t even need external speakers: its in-built 3W dual stereo speakers supply audio. Fan noise and overheating are also problems of the past with the Y30’s upgraded cooling system, with three fans operating simultaneously and silently.

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And you won’t have to worry about this projector breaking after a movie marathon. YABER’s latest SmartEco technology promises to extend the projector’s lifespan to a maximum of 100,000 hours by minimising the lamp’s power consumption. Besides, a three-year warranty and lifetime professional support makes sure you’re comfortably covered.

BUY NOW: $239.99

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