This 4K projector is now going for under $200, a 65 per cent discount

The Yaber Y31 delivers stunning picture quality in a portable package

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If you’re looking to push your home theatre to the next level, skip the TVs and behold the truly cinematic picture size that a projector brings. Good projectors usually don’t come cheap, though – which is why this Yaber Y31 Full HD projector, going at $183.59 down from $529.99, is a deal not to be missed.

In terms of picture quality, the Y31, which can project images up to 300 inches diagonally, checks all the boxes. Its full HD native resolution and 4K support let you watch your favourite flicks without any compression. And it’s bright enough to provide crisp, stunning visuals under diverse lighting conditions, whether you’re binging on Netflix with the blinds drawn or watching the football with your mates.

Yaber Y31
The Yaber Y31 comes with full HD native resolution and 4K support. Credit: Amazon

Another advantage of the Y31 is its compact form factor, which lets you set it up easily anywhere in your home – or even bring it out for backyard movie nights. And with its throw range of between 1.5m and 6.5m and keystone correction to account for awkward projection angles, its performance doesn’t suffer even in tight spaces.

To top it off, Yaber has thrown in remote control capabilities so you can fine-tune your viewing experience without leaving your couch. The Y31 is going at $183.59, cheaper than it’s selling for on Yaber’s website and a steal compared to many other projectors on the market, which can go for upwards of $1,000 – so snag one as soon as you can.

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