Add to your classic car collection with this LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 collectible model

The new model accurately recreates the details of the '60s car

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If you’re a classic car enthusiast but don’t have the money or space to invest in the real thing, there’s another way to build your own wallet-friendly collection – in LEGO.

The LEGO Creator Expert series already includes a number of bucket list vehicles, including the Ford Mustang and Porsche 911, and now they’ve added the Fiat 500 to the range. This baby blue, limited edition collectible model is inspired by the Italian car of the late 1960s, with authentic details to make the miniature version as lifelike as possible.

Lego Fiat 500

The two-door vehicle replica accurately recreates Fiat’s design aesthetic and boasts features including a luggage rack with a suitcase, a roof that opens, doors, hood, tailgate and detailed interior. Consisting of 960 pieces in total, it’ll keep you busy and give you a little look into the nuts and bolts of the iconic car.

To highlight the Fiat 500’s Italian heritage, the latest LEGO Creator Expert model also comes with some fun extras. In the box, you’ll find a folding easel with a paintbrush, palette and mini painting of the car by Rome’s famous Colosseum. It’s almost as good as jetting off there yourself.